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Beet It Shots

Introducing the Beet It Sport nutrition range, now available to buy from ProSwimwear.

Beet It is a nitrate supplement that helps athletes feel the benefits of beet juice, and specifically the dietary nitrate that is found naturally in beetroot.

Consuming Beet It beetroot juice between one and three hours before training will give your body the required levels of dietary nitrate it needs to perform at its best for longer.

Beet It Sport shots will improve your performance, providing you with that much-needed extra energy at times when you'd normally be expecting to feel fatigued.

Our Beet It Sport range is available in two different styles depending on a swimmer's preference.

Beet It shots can be added to water to make a Beet It juice sports drink, or alternatively it can be mixed into a smoothie or yoghurt. We also stock tasty Beet It Sport flapjacks.

You can buy Beet It shots now in boxes of 15, or in individual 250ml bottles. Flapjacks are also available in boxes or as single servings.

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